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A story about a membrane switch factory

Thirteen years ago, Niceone-tech was established as a small workshop by four individuals. At that time, they were in the initial stage and faced various challenges in technology, sales, procurement, and production. As a small team, they had to juggle multiple roles and work hard to drive the company’s development.Niceone-tech’s first customer was a demanding German medical equipment manufacturer. However, they were patient and didn’t look down upon Niceone-tech due to its small size. Throughout the collaboration, they acted as both mentors and friends, continuously discussing better solutions. And Niceone-tech didn’t disappoint them. They planned the best approach and leveraged China’s supply chain advantage to produce products perfectly. Even today, the CEO of Niceone-tech frequently says, “It was Mark (the boss of the German client) who made me addicted to understanding and identifying with customers.” Let’s take a look at Niceone-tech’s entrepreneurial story over the past thirteen years.

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Your trusted membrane switch expert

As an industry expert, we have been working hard on the science popularization of membrane switches. For beginners of membrane switches, you can quickly find the knowledge you want in Nuoyi Technology.   Such as: ● How to Delay the Discoloration and Degradation of Silicone Rubber Keyboard? ● How to control the cost of the Membrane Keypad? ● How to make your Membrane Switch more waterproof?

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  • Membrane Switches in Industrial Controls

    Membrane Switches in Industrial Controls

    Niceone-tech has produced many membrane switches for industrial control parts. When it comes to such products, these products may have to be used against very harsh environments.
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  • Membrane Switches in Medical Equipment

    Membrane Switches in Medical Equipment

    The medical industry has always used membrane switches or touch screens as its user interface, and Niceone-tech has customized membrane switches and man-machine interfaces for the medical industry.
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  • Membrane Switches in Health & Fitness Equipment

    Membrane Switches in Health & Fitness Equipment

    Membrane switch for treadmill. Treadmill is a regular fitness equipment in homes and gyms, and it is the simplest and best choice among the home fitness equipments.
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  • Membrane Switches in Marine Control

    Membrane Switches in Marine Control

    Many people should also find that the instruments on the navigation boat will also have a part of silicone and membrane switches. The biggest problems are the continuous exposure to ultraviolet rays, high humidity.
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  • Membrane Switches in Defense

    Membrane Switches in Defense

    Some of the membrane switches sold by Niceone-tech abroad are used in military manufacturing. Because military products have strict requirements for membrane switches, there can be no mistakes.
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  • Membrane Switches in Diagnostic Detection & Measurement Instruments

    Membrane Switches in Diagnostic Detection & Measurement Instruments

    Niceone-tech has rich experience in the production of a large number of membrane switches and membrane panels for handheld devices, mobile devices, and testing and measuring instruments.
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General Manager of Niceone-tech. Coordinating the overall operation of Niceone-tech, graduated from South China University of Technology in 2000 and has 18 years of experience in the membrane switch industry. Love calligraphy and travel. Is the leader of Niceone-tech.

Niceone-tech professional sales manager entered the Membrane Switch industry after graduating from Guangzhou University in 2011 and has 10 years of industry sales experience. For 10+ years, I have been focusing on overseas sales of Membrane Switch, silicone Rubber Keypad and plastic products. Love reading and listening to music. Is one of the core members of the Niceone-tech team.

Engineering manager entered the PCBA industry and Membrane Switch industry after graduating from university in 2008. Good at CDR, DWG software design. He has a good understanding of the LGF Membrane Switch process. And the products designed by him are very novel and the price has a cost advantage. I love swimming and fitness very much. Is the leader of the Niceone-tech engineering department.

The production manager of Niceone-tech, Amy graduated from a college and started working in production in 2011 and entered the QC department in 2016. For the production process, quality and ISO are well understood. The product quality requirements are very high, and the details are well controlled. Love food and animals.



Very good at comforting employees, is a psychotherapist of Niceone-tech, has been working at Niceone-tech for 2 years.

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